Molly Bloom's Sarona is now open. Opening times from 12:00 in the afternoon (Sunday from 18:00).
On Sunday, 22.03.15 we will be showing the 'Super Classico" between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The match starts at 22:00 and will be shown in HD and with sound at Leo Bloom's . OLE
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WEDNESDAY 23.03.16

International Friendly - 19:00 - Croatia V Israel


THURSDAY 24.03.16

International Friendly - 21:45 - Italy V Spain


FRIDAY 25.03.16

International Friendly - 22:45 - Holland V France


SATURDAY 26.03.16

International Friendly - 19:00 - Russia V Lithuania

International Friendly - 22:45 - Germany V England







**Simultaneous Broadcast


We show most major rugby, soccer and basketball matches live. While we do our best to follow the advertised schedule we cannot always guarantee volume during the broadcasts. This depends on the time of day, occupancy, etc. and is solely the decision of the management