Molly Bloom's is celebrating 14 years in Tel-Aviv in a weeklong celebration from 23rd of November until Monday the 29th Click here for details!
On Monday, October 13th and Monday, October 27th , there will be a traditional evening session at Molly's . Ehud Nathan, our resident musicians and musicians of the future. Sessions starts around 9pm. Slan
Molly Bloom's Sarona is now open. Opening times from 12:00 in the afternoon (Sunday from 18:00).
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Leo Bloom's Traditional Irish Pub brings a little taste of Ireland to Tel-Aviv. Established in April 2004, Leo Bloom's was the second Irish Pub to open in Tel-Aviv. Leo Bloom's and it's older sister pub, Molly Bloom's, are the only Irish owned pubs in Israel. Come inside and have a look around.